The Argument for Doing One Thing

As a freelancer in this day & age, we’re told that we need to have more than just a singular skill in any one thing. Along with our chosen craft, we should also be experts at selling ourselves, aces at SEO keywording, and have at least a few social media accounts with a modest number of followers/likes/pins. The reason being of course that if we don’t have these things, others will, and they will be the ones that get the work/gigs/grants. Well starting this week, I’m going to start neglecting those things a bit more. I’m going to focus on my craft, and ignore social media, SEO meta-anything, Reddit and the like. I’ve decided to hand the reigns off to a few PR companies and let them wrangle the clients. It seems to be a controversial topic amongst freelancers. Some developers seem pretty happy working through recruiters, while others think they’re giant parasites. In my world, PR firms are the equivalent evil, but I like the idea of only focusing on the creative aspect of my work. Will I make a bit less money? We’ll find out, but it’s likely. Will I be working more? Hopefully. Will I spend more time doing what I enjoy instead of cross-posting to a million networks and following up? Absolutely. Wish me luck, I’ll report back with the experience after this week and update this article.

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The Finest Tools & Apps for Freelancers (May 2014 Edition)

Since I’ve been freelancing full-time (a little over a month now), I’ve had to develop a number of different ways for handling all the stuff I never really cared much about while working a full-time gig. I started a few twitter accounts, woke up the Facebook pages and updated my LinkedIn. But it’s an absolute pain to manage all of that (despite it’s supposed importance), so I’ve automated at least a bit of it. Job searching was something I spent too much time doing on my off days. I’m in a very small freelancing market and if a job comes up, you need to respond in detail within the hour. I had to find a better way, with the help of IFTTT,  all of my alerts are now automated.  There’s plenty of other things I now hand off and let automated services take care of, here are just a few along with a couple other helpful apps.

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automate freelance job search

Using IFTTT to Automate Your Job Search & Everything Else

I have been smitten with the online service IFTTT (which stands for IF This Then That)for about a year now, and now that I’m freelancing full-time, it makes life far easier. I have everything from my job search to my coffee being controlled through this service. And I could even make my job search cue the making of a pot of coffee. You don’t need to know a single line of code, something I wished I had known before I devoured a few weeks worth of CodeAcademy, and it can make everything you do online easier. Sold yet? It’s also free, responsive, and has iOS apps. Read about a few ways I use the service on a daily basis to automate the job search after the jump.

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