Quitting the steady gig

So I’ve had a job for a few months now working in a local government setting putting out all kinds of random bits of video, from PSA’s to 5-hour long broadcast sessions between local politicians, a far cry from whatever aspirations I had for myself when I first got into the film/tv/video field. It’s involved some ENG work, animation, live broadcasting, and everything in between. We were set up on Adobe CS6 (CS3 before I got there), and I was paid a pretty decent salary plus benefits for my work. This is the job I’m leaving. It’s not a bad one, and for me, for the time being, it served it’s purpose. My boss was the nicest guy you could hope for, and never gave me too much flack. So why did I leave? I felt like I was stagnating.


I chose this career path (or it chose me), because of the variety and creativity that the work might dictate. Instead, I was stuck in a cycle of crosswalk PSA’s, “bike to work day” coverage, and stuff of that ilk. I was in a government building (City Hall nonetheless), along with people that thought they had hit the jackpot with this sentence in monotony. If I had chosen to do 25 years of this (same office, same boss, same position, zero growth, same PSA’s every year…) then I would have been set for life on a government pension courtesy of Frederick, MD.  And who wants that? Well, it turns out most people do. Anyway, so that was it for me. Off like a band-aid. Time to take the full plunge into my modest network, and rustle up some freelancing work. This blog will be a candid look into the trials and tribulations of someone trying to dip their toe into the freelance pool and falling in with their phone in their pocket.